About Us


Hello there, adventure enthusiasts! My name is Christina, and I am so excited to e-meet you all and introduce the coolest innovation hitting the slopes - the world's first Skifinder! 

With 10 years of skiing experience and being a certified skiing (CSIA Level 2) and snowboarding (CASI Level 1) instructor, I am addicted to this sport and I truly enjoy every triumphant moment after conquering my inner fear - yes, I am afraid of heights, A LOT!

As a female skier, I am also passionate about fostering a more cohesive skiing community and creating more support and resources for the women's skiing community. That’s why you can probably see me broadcasting about the CSIA Women in Skiing mentorship program all the time this year! 

Ok enough about me! I want to share with you how the idea of SkiFinder came up. 

Let me take you back to two years ago when my best friend lost her brand-new $1500 Burton snowboard and step-ons on her FIRST day of snowboarding. Imagine when we were laughing and chatting, leaving the cozy chalet, and suddenly realizing her snowboard had been stolen. I can still remember her tears and the shock we shared that day. The resort couldn't help, and we were clueless about where to start. That snowboard was more than just equipment; it was my best friend's dedication and investment in this snowsports.

This heartbreaking experience inspired me - why not have a tracker on our skis and snowboards, so we don't need to worry about losing them when we just need to go for a quick washroom or lunch break? 

Throughout years of market research and relentless product development, the MiTag Plus SkFinder is now ready to revolutionize your snow adventures. 

This tiny widget with Apple FindMy compatibility helps you say goodbye to the heart-wrenching feeling of losing your gear and say hello to carefree moments on the slopes with family and friends!

The Skifinder is not just a gadget; it's a game-changer, ensuring you focus on the thrill of the slopes, not the fear of losing your gear.

Let's all have some fun on the slope with joy and peace of mind!