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What is MiLi Plus SkiFinder?


Connect MiTag Plus with your iPhone, using Apple FindMy App.

Connect It


Install MiTag Plus SkiFinder on any belongings.

Secure It


With 4 screws, your MiTag Plus is safely secured

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  • Mount St.Louis Moonstone

    MSLM is a southern Ontario ski resort, located north of Barrie. It is one of the most well-built ski resorts in Canada.
  • Skiies & Biikes

    Skiies & Biikes is the leading Canadian, independent, full-service ski and snowboard retailer with 4 locations in Ontario, Canada.
  • Sanction Skate & Snow

    Sanction is a Canadian owned, skateboarder & snowboarder operated shop located in Toronto.


Why I cannot connect MiTag Plus on my Apple FindMy App?

Once you open the Apple FindMy app, click on the "Items" tab, press the "+" sign on the top right, and please make sure that you select "Add Other Item", not "Add AirTag".

How long does the battery last?

It depends on how often you use the product. Usually, it will last for around a year.