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MiTag Plus SkiFinder (4 Packs)

MiTag Plus SkiFinder (4 Packs)

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We heard you! Here comes the 4 packs for your 2 sets of skis and another 2 sets of snowboard!

What... you have 10 sets of skis? Hold on and check out our ultimate 10 value packs. Yes, we have 10 packs because Christina herself has 6 sets of skis LOL!! 

Find your passion, Find your skis!

Introducing the world's first ski equipment finder, seamlessly compatible with Apple FindMy App. Elevate your skiing experience with this innovative device and enjoy your time with your friends and family with peace of mind.

Protect your investment with this Apple MFi Certified Portable Bluetooth Tracker. 

Works with Apple Find My(iOS Only).

  • Easily find your skis or snowboard - or whatever you attach it to! (bike, luggage, scooter, wallet, keys, etc)
  • Replaceable CR2032 battery for sustainable and long-term use
  • IP65 completely dustproof and waterproof
  • 3M certified adhesive, stays reliable and strong

With 3M adhesive and 4 secured screws, why just put it on skis or snowboards? It can also be put on any valuable belongings that you want to find anytime, anywhere.

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